Here's what our clients are saying!

"Coach Deion is an incredible basketball coach. Our son has worked with him on a team, in small groups, and in individual trainings, and Coach Deion is fantastic in all those settings. He works kids hard, while keeping the trainings and workouts fun and engaging. He has challenged our son to improve his skills and raise the quality of his game through a combination of positive coaching and constructive instruction. Coach Deion has been instrumental in making our son a better basketball player, both as an individual player and as part of his team."


- Erica B

"Deion is an inspiring and talented coach. He is such a natural with kids and motivates them to strive for more and do their best. He sets an amazing example for young people by modeling dedication and perseverance in everything he does"

- Tere S.

"My kids have the BEST time attending Deion's camp. He's engaging, energetic and keeps the kids moving. The boys have improved their technical skills but most importantly learn teamwork. Deion is an amazing coach and friend to my kids. We highly recommend his program."

- Blair P

"Deion works on developing the skills of his players in order to make them a complete player, and he always emphasizes the team and team unity."

- Dan T

"My son loves going to football camp with Deion. He has learned so much and has become so confident on the field. Deion has great energy and really relates to the kids. They have fun, get a great workout and learn a ton!"

- Emily S

"Deion was my son's basketball coach for 2 years. He brings a lot of energy and believes in forming bonds with his players. Deion also attended other sporting events the boys were in and cheered them on from the stands. It's clear he enjoys working with kids and wants to see them succeed."

- Chasmah G

"For anyone looking for basketball training, whether that is group or individual, Deion Stell is outstanding.

Deion is a trainer who has coached my boys teams and trained them individually for over three years.

He gets to know his athletes on an individual level and bases his training strategies on what they need to do

to improve their performance. He treats his athletes with respect and gives them confidence to succeed.

They will leave his trainings feeling stronger and with skills to reach their basketball performance goals.

Not only will Deion’s athletes train and work hard at a competitive  level, they

will also have fun and enjoy their time spent with Deion"

- Sara S

"Deion is an amazing athlete and mentor. Not only has my son gained a great coach and advisor that he respects, but also a friend. Deion is able to connect with the kids and help them achieve their best, not only on the field, but also building relationships with teammates. My son's skill have increased immensely and he has developed a passion for football."

- Ashley M

"Nothing makes my son happier than a session with Deion. He's always loved watching football and now he is learning skills that make him successful on the field. Deion teaches with encouragement and fun, a great combination!"

- Angela G

"Deion is fantastic!! We first met Deion when he coached our son's 4th grade team. He works to develop his players to be their best on the court while also promoting good values and sportsmanship when off the court. While Deion is competitive and coaches to win, he fosters a teamwork mentality and a fun environment. The boys love him! we have since used Deion for training for both our boys. He trains to each of their strengths and works on what needs improvement. Deion is patient and relates well with a variety of ages. As our boys have progressed, he continues to individualize his training to support continual improvement of their skills. My boys are now teenagers and we are still training with Deion and get excited if he is the coach of their teams. We started off calling him "Coach Deion" and now we call him our friend too! Deion is an all around great person... both kids AND parents think so!"

- Rachel H

Deion has the powerful ability to rigorously develop his athletes’ skill sets while also building strong relationships with them and fostering strong team cohesion. He stands out as a coach and trainer in his “whole athlete” approach to player development, where he focuses on developing all aspects of an athlete’s development including developing physical conditioning, technical skills, mental performance skills, Game IQ, sportsmanship, and team cohesion. He brings a positive and high energy approach to his work with athletes and manages to always make the hard work fun which keeps the players motivated to perform! He has coached and trained our boys for several years and we are grateful for his positive impact on their development both on and off the courts!


- Manda E.

“Coach Deion is an amazing coach and role model.  He has coached our son’s basketball team for a number of years and it has been a wonderful experience.  Deion teaches the importance of discipline, respect, hard work and team work and how these are the building blocks to a successful team.  Deion creates a supportive environment where the kids can have fun and build their skills.  My son thoroughly enjoys working with Coach Deion!”

- Sandy S

"Deion is an amazing person! He is great with my son and my son loves him. Reagan learns something new after every single time working with Deion. He's the perfect combination of validating kids, while pushing them to get better. He teaches small details to my son in a way that he understands perfectly. He is always positive and upbeat. It's the small details that are going to give my kid an advantage that he would not have had without Deion. We are thrilled to have such a support in our lives for our child. We want to keep this going as long as Reagan is playing sports. I know there are big things for Deion in his future and for his company Stell Elite Sports Performance."

- Kel Wilson